Brandy Kelley began her love for art at a young age. Drawing, painting, crafting, graffiti, cooking and then graphic design were her first methods of expression. Brandy's artistic approach blossomed. At 19, Brandy moved from her hometown, Tyrone, Georgia, to Savannah, Georgia, to go to school for Industrial Design. Brandy fell in love with the southern seacoast scenery, realizing how beautiful Savannah was. “ I wanted to freeze that moment in time.” Wanting to share how she sees life through her eyes, Brandy changed her major.. Much of Brandy's inspiration comes from music that helps her to continuously mold her personal style. To Brandy, seeing the world through a camera is as natural as breathing. Here to catch the defining moments in life, Brandy is a freelance photographer/Crafting Artist in Fayette County Georgia, always working to build her portfolio. She has done some Promotional work for some music groups, weddings, portraits, and landscapes. (Portraits, weddings,  landscapes, travel, and advertising.) Though experienced in these areas, she is not limited to them, and is willing to try anything. What is art, without the bravery to express it?

Brandy Kelley

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